Aged Care Placement Services in Perth 

Aged Care Placement Services in Perth Reduces Stress for Loved Ones

When you turn to aged care placement services in Perth, you have an enormous resource to guide you through what is an emotional time. All About Aged Care builds its reputation on compassion for the people we support while offering the highest-quality service available. Discover why our clients recommend our assistance, and why we are your best choice in accompanying you through the process.

Benefits of Aged Care Services in Perth

Moving a loved one into an unfamiliar living space can be emotionally challenging for both the aged family member and the people who must make the decision. Using nursing home placement services in Perth can turn a frustrating time into a positive experience. Learn why choosing aged care placement consultants in Perth is your best option.

  • Many families postpone the decision to move their loved one into a nursing home as long as possible. When it becomes critical to make a move, there is often little time to research the options thoroughly. If you solicit help early in the process of seeking nursing home placement providers to assist you in Perth, you have time to process all the decisions confronting you. If you must decide in a short amount of time, an aged care placement provider to assist you in Perth will act as a trusted friend with the knowledge and experience to oversee a tumultuous time and act as a comforting guide to ensure you make the correct decisions.
  • Your top priority for your aged parent or friend is to choose the facility that best meets their specific needs. Nursing Home Providers in Perth have a thorough understanding of the facilities available in your area. We have relationships with individual homes and are familiar with their culture, and also know when there are vacancies available. We believe location is one of the essential factors in choosing a placement. One of our goals is to locate a home that is conveniently located to you, so that visits are easily manageable. While you may want to choose a home within minutes of where you live, nursing home placement consultants in Perth can take an objective view and recommend one better suited for both you and your aged relative. Its location may be a little further, but all parties involved will be happier in the long run. We give you a choice of multiple homes that are suited to your loved ones, and let you make the final decision.
  • Whether you must make decisions quickly, or you have more time to focus on resolving each issue, family tensions can mount. Family members rarely reach agreement on the best steps to take, and some prefer to suspend decisions due to anxiety. Aged Care Consultants in Perth provide relief on both fronts. First, your consultant is objective and can take all opinions within an extended family into account. Often, allowing family members to speak their minds is all that they want. As long as they feel heard, tensions usually dissipate, and your aged care consultant can guide all family members towards the best solution. Secondly, once family members begin to trust an objective party such as the consultant, they can move to the next steps rather than freeze the process due to stress.

Problems All About Aged Care Addresses 

If choosing the best facility were all a family had to accomplish, then the process would be straightforward. However, you must address multiple issues simultaneously when deciding on a home or facility. We want you to focus on the emotional support your loved one needs rather than mountains of paperwork. Learn how nursing home services in Perth can guide you through the documents and forms that you must complete and may not be aware of during these times of stress.

  • After the Aged Care Assessment (ACAT) has been completed there are forms to complete. This can be confusing if you haven’t handled these situations before. Once you have received the assessment, we will meet with you to determine your loved one’s needs based on the evaluation. Our team simplifies a process that could be overwhelming to you. We support you and answer all your questions each step of the way so that you aren’t confused at a time when you want to focus your energies on your loved one.
  • A Centrelink income and assets assessment are a vital step that you must complete accurately. We will mentor you through the process or complete the form for you and double-check the final form to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes. We will also submit the forms for you. We want you to receive the most benefits due to you, and help you determine how to finance your aged care comfortably. A financial assessment of the personal assets, including selling your loved one’s home, are issues we can help address, and bring in additional support if necessary. Your loved one may want to nominate someone to act on his or her behalf, and we can guide you in the best direction to accomplish this.  If your loved one lacks capacity to make decisions on his or her own we can help you with the necessary applications to the State Administrative Tribunal for the appointment of a guardian and / or administrator. These are all issues where an objective consultant can ease the strain of these numerous decisions. We understand all the problems that bubble up, and our aged care consultancy services in Perth are here to relieve the pressure.
  • One of the benefits of working with All About Aged Care is that we have a legal background with experience in the implications of any documents you sign. Once you choose a facility for your aged parent or friend, we can negotiate the best fee possible for you, and address issues that may not be apparent when you read a massive amount of words in the documents you must sign. We will explain the legal implications in easy to understand English for any residential agreement you sign. We also provide you with a short  handy written summary of the obligations detailed in your contracts. A clear understanding of what you and your loved one are entering into negates adverse outcomes later. We want you to feel comfortable with your decisions, and we go above and beyond to ensure you understand all the ramifications of each document you sign. If there is a future time where misunderstandings arise, we will be there to advocate for you while your loved one is in the care of the home you both chose.

The Importance of Aged Care Assistance in Perth

You want peace of mind in the decisions that confront you at a critical time of transition for your loved one. If this is your first time choosing a home for an aged relative, you may find yourself second-guessing each decision along the way. Discover how we alleviate your concerns as you move towards the best choices for your loved ones.

  • We go out of our way to understand what is essential to every person involved. If there are conflicting views amongst family members, we provide solace in times of distress. Our comforting presence alleviates problems before they come to the surface, and our extensive knowledge of the industry provides you with a secure feeling that someone with experience is on your side. A tremendous amount of information comes your way concerning nursing homes and their residential staff. Our goal is to help your aged parent or friend lovingly transition with all parties involved comfortable with the situation. We make sure you and your extended family are pleased with each decision, and more importantly, your aged relative is at peace with each choice.
  • One of our most essential tasks is to evaluate all the nursing homes in and around Perth for their suitability. We can access the strengths of the different facilities and compare them to the needs of your loved one. We stay up to date on how well each facility meets the Australian Aged Care Standards. There are eight guidelines that aged care homes are required to follow. Our job is to ensure the facilities we recommend not only adhere to all the standards but also surpass the standards. We want to endorse facilities so that you will never need to worry about anything. Exceptional service should be a given.
  • Part of the transition into a nursing home or care facility is getting comfortable with the residential staff. We will describe all the amenities of the specific homes we recommend and offer information about the accessibility to community services nearby. We recommend touring facilities before a final decision so that your loved one and your family have clear expectations. If someone is moving into a new location and feels like they are going home because they are comfortable with the new place, it adds to a sense of calm that we want you and your loved one to experience.

Why You Should Use All About Aged Care

Do you have the time and the resources to research facilities, legal issues, paperwork, and forms requested by the government, as well as negotiate fees for the best Refundable Accommodation Deposit payable at each facility? Often, you must make decisions in a short amount of time. Our services will ease an enormous amount of stress at these times. Learn why our experience is the best solution for your family.

  • We have over 30 years of experience as a lawyer in Perth, Wellington, New Zealand, and Johannesburg, South Africa. We understand the legal ramifications in the decisions you must make and will be able to explain details to you in plain English so that you can make an educated choice. Our job is to ensure you understand everything you sign. We understand the legalese that you will find in the documents and will translate it into words with which you are comfortable.
  • Our independence from all care providers means we offer unbiased advice in guiding you in your decisions. Our commitment to your loved one’s care after they enter a facility means that we will be there if there are ever any concerns you need us to address. A neutral party acting as an intermediary between you and a facility avoids the emotion a family member may experience when trying to resolve an issue. We also protect you from the negativity that can be associated with making a complaint. Our business provides the best nursing home assistance in Perth by acting as an advocate between your loved one and the facility where he or she resides. It is one less stress that will make your life easier.
  • For eight years, we spent time as a senior legal officer dealing with the aged and disabled in the community. We have exceptional experience in the aged care sector. Our extensive partner network within the aged care sector means we cover your needs if your loved one requires additional care. We have the resources to find whatever he or she needs and the determination to work with you so that you are satisfied every step of the way. Of all the nursing home consultants in Perth, you will find no other consultant that is more committed to serving you, and more importantly, your loved one.

About All About Aged Care

When you begin a search for aged care providers in Perth, we believe you will discover that we are your complete West Australian aged care placement consultants. Our experience, knowledge, contacts, compassion, and follow-through are the best in the industry. Our extensive legal experience allows us to translate complicated documents into words you can understand. As a previous board member of a not for profit nursing home, we have insight into the challenges faced by nursing homes, the residents, and their families.

Your search for nursing home consultancy services in Perth is over once we connect. You will find there isn’t a more knowledgeable and compassionate consulting business to partner with the care of your loved one. Please contact us with any questions. Begin a positive transition for your aged family member or friend today. They will be in excellent hands as we partner on the journey forward.

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