Aged Care Placement

Helping to move your partner, parent, relative or friend into permanent residential aged care can be a daunting and stressful experience.

Invariably, the decision to place a loved one in permanent residential care is not driven by choice but by necessity.

Our experienced and compassionate consultants will help you navigate this process.

We will meet with you either in our office or at your home (at no extra cost) to find out what matters most to you and your loved one, and then help you find the best-suited aged care facility for them.

In addition to finding the right placement we can help you understand how much it will cost, how you will be able to pay for the best care, and how much Government assistance you might be entitled to receive.

We accompany you to facilities when you tour them and help ensure that the questions that you have are properly addressed.

Not all facilities are the same, nor do they all charge the same amounts. We will negotiate the terms of entry for you.

There are numerous forms to be completed during the process so we can either complete them for you or will check them for accuracy and advise you as to the effect of the agreement and the material terms of which you ought to be aware.

And once your loved one has moved into permanent residential aged care we will always be available to advocate on his or her behalf if you feel that their needs are not being fully met or your concerns are not being acted upon.

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