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Lewis Chiat is the director and principal consultant at All About Aged Care, an aged care consulting and advisory service in Perth that specialises in aged care placement.

Welcome to All About Aged Care

Lewis Chiat has practised as a lawyer in Perth for more than 20 years, and before that in Wellington, New Zealand, and Johannesburg, South Africa. He has worked both in the private and public sectors, as well as for some of the largest legal firms in Australasia.

In his last position, Lewis worked for a state government agency as a senior legal officer, for more than eight years, dealing with the affairs of the aged and disabled in the community.

During this time, Lewis realised that many of his clients had entered aged care facilities with inadequate information provided to them or their loved ones. It became clear to him that there were many reasons this had occurred.

An almost universal response was that the decision to relocate their loved one had been emotionally difficult. Many family members said it was the most difficult decision they had ever had to make. At the same time they had to confront the difficulties of completing the paperwork required by Centrelink, ensuring they properly understood their loved one’s financial situation, and locating, choosing and negotiating with a residential care facility – all within a very tight time frame.

A further concern, voiced repeatedly, is that once their loved one has been placed in a facility, there is no one to advocate on their behalf.

Lewis decided to establish a business that does things differently. A business that will provide an independent, impartial, informed, cost-effective and on-going service. A business that is not a law firm but a placement consultancy providing professional, caring, accurate and timely advice.

At All About Aged Care, we will agree to a fair fee in advance for our services. These fees will reflect the work to be done and the value to the client and his or her loved ones for the peace of mind that the proper completion of this work will bring.

We accompany you on your aged care transition, complete and submit the paperwork for Centrelink, locate suitable options for respite or permanent placement, negotiate with Care Provider on your behalf and guide you through the Residential Accommodation Contract.  Once your loved one has moved into aged care we will continue to monitor their well-being and advocate on their behalf, if necessary.

As we are independent of all the care providers, we will provide objective unbiased advice. If concerns do arise, we can approach senior management of facilities without the emotional involvement that family members have, and without the fear that families’ sometimes have about possible retribution for making complaints.

Experienced Consultants

Our principal consultant has worked for many years as a senior legal officer in a state government agency, dealing with the affairs of the aged and disabled in the community. He has also previously served as a board member of a leading not for profit nursing home.

Compassionate Care

We understand the many emotions families experience when it comes to placing a loved one in an aged care facility. We will work with the family to ensure that this transition is done in a manner that is stress-free and with compassion to all involved in the process.

Fair Pricing

We believe strongly in providing a valuable service to our clients that is impartial and objective. For this reason, fees are discussed and agreed upon prior to the service taking place and no work is started until all parties are happy and in agreement.

Expert Advice

Prior to establishing All About Aged Care, our principal consultant has practised as a lawyer in Perth for more than 20 years and prior to that he worked for large legal firms in New Zealand and South Africa.

Wide Partner Network

Our principal consultant has established a strong network of partners over his years of working in the aged care sector so he will be able to assist your loved one and your family with additional care providers, whatever the need may be.

Ongoing Advocacy

We care for each and every client that we work for and therefore, we do not stop working once our clients have been placed in a home. We will continue to ensure that our clients are well taken care of and be their voice when needed.

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